A new experience of CloudMe
Say Hello to the new light CloudMe
Our new flat, bold and vector based user interface is now launched on the web, desktop and mobile. An experience centered around handling thousands of photos with ease. With the new design we transitioned to a more streamlined platform, allowing us to continue to innovate at a more rapid pace. We have already initiated the design work on 2.0 - the next generation CloudMe, aiming at an even bigger leap forward.

If you have any wishes, design ideas etc, please send us your thoughts or drawings! We love to hear from you, so email support@cloudme.com

Meanwhile we are giving you a 15% discount throughout this week as our valentines gift to you. Use the following code:
Enjoy and be safe :)

PS! If you are missing some functionality - no worries. We are working on adding things like; search, list details and sort, but if you need it right away you can still use the old CloudMe on https://org.cloudme.com or our mobile apps.

Privacy Shield, next Safe Harbor?
Collaborate without reduced quota!
The proposed replacement for Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield is once again an agreement focused on protecting the foreign suppliers. With the common knowledge of US surveillance, EU companies using such services as customers cannot point to that their supplier is following Privacy Shield and be free of liability, as any disclosure done by a US authority will still render the data controller liable according the European Data Protection Act. This liability is non negotiable. Read more...
Have you shared any large folders using other cloud services? Then you know that most requires the receiving party to also sign up and that the size of your folder is deducted from their account. This means in essence that they cannot receive your files without a paid for account. With CloudMe only the owner who shared the folder need to have space, everyone else can join with a free account or even without an account. It’s sharing as it should be - sharing without boundraries.
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Your CloudMe account is accessible via WebDAV as a Network Drive, please use the following URL: https://webdav.cloudme.com/[c2]