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Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

CloudMe provides a safe and easy way to backup your WD Sentinel to a secure European cloud service.

All your files stored on CloudMe are also easily accessible through your mobile phone or tablet, which allows you to always have access to your files while on the go.

Exclusive Offer for WD Sentinel Customers

Try 100 GB for 30 days Free Now! No credit card required

Why do you need the CloudMe off-site cloud data protection?

  • CloudMe ensures reliable post-disaster data recovery for your business
  • Safe cloud storage within the jurisdiction of the European Union, complying with EU data storage directives and laws
  • Backup WD Sentinel company folders to CloudMe
  • Access files through mobile phones, tablets, and share folders among employees
  • Made in Sweden – an independent European service for cloud storage

Download CloudMe Online Backup for WD Sentinel and Windows Storage Server.

Learn more about CloudMe | Learn more about WD Sentinel | User Guide for CloudMe Online Backup

Choose your plan

Starter Plan
25 GB
€ 4 / month
/ month
Backup your camera roll, share files, publish photo albums and sync folders on your computer. Perfect for trying out the service.
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Small Plan Starter Plan
100 GB
€ 8 / month
/ month
Sync multiple folders with CloudMe. You’ll have enough space to backup your important folders or have some of your photos, music and videos with you anywhere.
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Standard Plan Small Plan
200 GB
€ 14 / month
/ month
Have all your documents, photos, music and video backed up and with you always. Collaborate in projects with friends and co-workers. Invite people to send you files.
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Large Plan Standard Plan
500 GB
€ 30 / month
/ month
Perfect for a team or family that need a shared storage space in the cloud. Share storage with friends and family, and keep a cloud copy of your media library.
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Team Plan
1 TB
/ month
/ month
A secure shared workspace for your team or project. Store company data in one place.
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Business Plan
2 TB
/ month
/ month
Small office collaboration, backup and sharing. Access file server through any device.
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Enterprise Plan
5 TB
/ month
/ month
A large cloud-based file server for enterprises with user management and scalability.
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Try CloudMe for free before selecting your premium plan. Our free account is limited to 3 GB of storage and a maximum file size of 150 MB.
Let your friends access and follow your files through a http link.
Share your files, but also allow your friends to upload to your WebShare. A file inbox provided through a http link.
Collaborate and share a WebShare with friends and work together in a common folder through a http link.
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