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CloudMe API for Developers.

CloudMe provides a rich API for creating applications that interact with the service or for building white label services on top of CloudMe. Partners may in addition use the API for creating new accounts.

If you use CloudMe when building your next cloud service or app, you will accelerate your development with getting tons of functionality straight out of the box like; account management, payment engine, handling account storage quota, sharing, file system, meta data, search and more. Compared to building on bare bone cloud platforms, CloudMe saves you significant development time and cost, and reduces your time to market.

CloudMe has over 100 API methods that have been designed with maximum scalability in mind. Every call is stateless and allow our servers to handle small calls that can be spread out over a large number of web front-ends. Clients like our iOS, Android, and Sync software use only a small portion of all the available functionality. The API is made available through easy SOAP and REST calls. In the right menu you will find full documentation as well as a Java library that abstracts the server calls. Feel free to use our open API in your apps, web services or programs.

For more information use our Forum or contact us at support at cloudme.com.

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